Gopublikk was created in January 2016 by Kleyra and Kelly Gonzalez.  When Gopublikk was created the intentions of this website was to showcase the work and talents we developed throughout our post-secondary experience in public relations, marketing and communications. A year later this project became something more than what we expected. We were approached to support a small business with graphic design, events, marketing and branding. Gopublikk took off and became a small business that’s geared towards helping creative entrepreneurs build their brand and grow or innovate a stronger presence in their marketplace by presenting them with strategies, creative ideas and much more. We currently partner and collaborate with small businesses, organizations and business owners in the Lower mainland. We love what we do and we admire every business and collaborations we do, as each have a unique style, vision and goal. We bring passion and amounts of hours to every project we take on. Gopublikk connects with the community by attending several events and networking. We share our experience on our blogs and we hope to continue to grow in Vancouver. We thank everyone who has presented us with opportunities, guided us and continues to support Gopublikk along this journey.

On our website you will find our personal work, photos of events, and collaborations; you can find us on social media by using the hashtag #gopublikk. Gopublikk is for you to visually see what us sisters have going on as PR, Marketing, and Communication practitioners. It contains an insight of our passions, inspirations, life and thoughts.


How did we come up with the name gopublikk? …(goingpublikleyrakelly)

Knowing that we both wanted our first or last name incorporated in our brand name, Kelly decided to spell the word “public” as “publikk.” She thought spelling the word with two “k’s” made sense, seeing as we both were more then ready to promote our work and build our brand name. Voila! Here we are.