B a l a n c e

Growing up I was always on the go and finding balance between school, work and other extracurricular activities was something I learned to do over the years. It isn’t easy finding time to do all the things you love to do. There were many times where I found myself not making time for the things I enjoy doing, the things that keep me sane. Till this day I still find myself learning to create a balance in my life amongst all the things I enjoy doing and of course my obligations, such as work and school. As you readers may know, I am a full-time student, full-time lemon (lululemon employee) and a full-time girlfriend, friend, and daughter. I am small gal living in a big city who thoroughly enjoys living a healthy active lifestyle.

klers agenda.


The key to balancing my schedule is actually writing out a schedule for myself. I live off of my agenda – it’s my life! Seriously, my agenda is something I carry with me everywhere. My work schedule, upcoming events, homework, gym-time, outdoor activities, anything you can think of is all in my agenda. Of course there are times where I do not follow what is in my agenda as extra time may be needed for other activities. It is important for me to note that it is okay if you miss something on your to do list. This was something I use to struggle on as I would build stress for missing a workout or missing an event or cancelling on people, my biggest pet peeve was missing my workout of the day. That being said, learn to give yourself time – time for you to be selfish and think about the things you want to think about and do things for literally JUST YOU and no one else. What I like to do for myself is sweat at a hot yoga class. Hot yoga was something I picked up not to long ago and it is something I enjoy very much! Not only do I meditate but the energy I leave with after the class is so positive that it takes away all the negative energy and I leave feeling beyond amazing, proud, accomplished and successful.

Before the week even gets started I tend to have an idea of what my week will look like and if I will have time for everything. I provide myself a realistic week so I do not feel disappointed in myself. I find most people, just like how I use to be are not realistic. Yes, you can do everything – but you do not always have the time for everything. Being realistic to yourself will provide you a balance of mental steadiness and emotional stability.

I have created a balance in my life and I am happy with the balance I learned to create. I am not only filled with happiness and positivity but I am also enjoying everything I do – I am living my life, which is what is important.

“Always find time for the things that make YOU feel happy to be alive.”





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Kleyra Gonzalez x 23. x Vancouver, BC. Welcome to Gopublikk. A safe space where I gopublikk with all my work and thoughts. I am an ambitious young women who is passionate about Health & Wellness, Community, and everything PR. On this page you will find me sharing about my fitness journey, designs, relationships I have built, anything PR related, my community involvment and upcoming projects. Thanks for stopping by! xoKleyra

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