Take it back a notch!

Alright gang, so I’d love to reflect on my April 2016 month. The last two weeks have been crazy busy as I have not been able to blog as much. Kinda silly eh? Considering I had a post about balance, but hey sometimes life gets to me – A OKAY! Lets reflect:

Over night shifts: International conversations was definitely a challenge as the guest were calling from literally all over the place. The challenging part was not understanding the guest and there being a language barrier. Not having the same support as you do during the day-time is also something I had to adjust to.While working over nights I had some personal work goals I wanted to achieve. The real question here is, em I going to continue being an over night educator?

The answer is no. Over-night was great for a month but my life-style is not for over night work. I look at my future goals and my vision and although I took on what I wanted to learn and challenged myself this is something I knew would be temporary and I am so excited to be joining my day-time team in May!

She was feeling 22: I had a four day birthday weekend and it started in Victoria, BC. I took the ferry with my twin to visit my best friend Anna. My Friday night started with some sleep as I had gone straight from a shift to the ferry. You best believe as soon as I woke up the turn up started! What is this “turn up” I speak of. Well of course I’am talking about dome drinks (specifically beer and wine). Saturday night was fun as I had my close friends and my immediate family over. We played a questionnaire game and pin the hat on the minion. My family absolutely had a blast. As per usual we ended our Saturday night with some flip cup and a beer pong tournament! Sunday was great as I started the morning with some FREE yes FREE Denny’ s breakfast with my family. It was delicious and I ate everything (of course). My Sunday night ended with a lovely dinner with my boyfriend at Glowbal in Vancouver. HANDS DOWN the best restaurant I have been too. Monday was all about nature, friends, good eats and good vibes!


birthdaySpontaneous travels? My boyfriend took care of this one, this super sneaky guy of mine! Well gang, I have never been to a music festival (on my bucket list) so what better way to experience my first trip to Las Vegas in June for the EDC event. What is EDC? Electric Daisy Carnival music festival! This was spontaneously booked Thanks to my love bug. He did good!


That’s my catch up speal for the month of April. Stay tuned for more.





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Kleyra Gonzalez x 23. x Vancouver, BC. Welcome to Gopublikk. A safe space where I gopublikk with all my work and thoughts. I am an ambitious young women who is passionate about Health & Wellness, Community, and everything PR. On this page you will find me sharing about my fitness journey, designs, relationships I have built, anything PR related, my community involvment and upcoming projects. Thanks for stopping by! xoKleyra

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