Oh boy, it’s a boy!

It was a pleasure contributing to my dearest family member, Astrid. I was fortunate enough to design her invitation/give away cards. This past weekend we celebrated her pregnancy at a gorgeous venue filled with blue balloons and plenty of blue goodies! Yes, the theme was blue. Astrid looked absolutely stunning in her blue dress; goodness do pregnant woman glow! I had a fabulous time at this celebration and I am so excited to meet Jacob Andres Junior in a couple of weeks. Shout out to Astrid for allowing me to take part in this baby shower.

“from there to here,

from here to there,

baby thing’s are everywhere!”



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Kleyra Gonzalez x 23. x Vancouver, BC. Welcome to Gopublikk. A safe space where I gopublikk with all my work and thoughts. I am an ambitious young women who is passionate about Health & Wellness, Community, and everything PR. On this page you will find me sharing about my fitness journey, designs, relationships I have built, anything PR related, my community involvment and upcoming projects. Thanks for stopping by! xoKleyra

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