Karma&Soul: Let’s Get It Om.

Let’s Get It Om by Karma & Soul. 


Stephanie: Founder (left)


Meet Kiana and Stephanie from best friends to partners, both these lovely ladies created Karma and Soul with the support of family, friends, co-workers and the community. Karma and Soul was founded early 2015 and the name was inspired by both Kiana and Stephanie’s first name initial “K” and “S.”

“Our name came from our first initials – we both knew we wanted “K” and”S” incorporated. After that, we just played around with names and came up with Karma and Soul” – Stephanie & Kiana.

Follow their journey on Instagram@kianaheighton, @stephstipancik, @karmaandsoul

I was very fortunate to collaborate with this loving organization this past Sunday evening as they held their first event – Let’s Get It Om. The purpose of the event is to build community and introduce yoga, specifically yin yoga for this event.

Yin Yoga was held by this gorgeous lady Chiara. Newly certified in early February, 2016. She started our practice with some standing yin yoga and ended with breathing and light stretches on our mats. Find this gem at Mokcha & Berny Clark studio!

….You bet we did some eagle poses.. & dog pose!

Meet Chiara

Karma and Soul created these lovely sweaters, shirts and tanks that contain “yoga, tea, naps,” “you’ll find me outside”, and of course “let’s get it om.” All of the donations and proceeds made from these garments and from the event are spread among-st other organizations they support, such as:  Community for a Sustainable World and Vibrant Lives. Both these organizations have a common focus which is building community and focusing on health. Each organization has a specific focus and a different approach in which they all support and contribute to one another.

Want more?! Below are a few more photos from the event and links to Karma & Soul,  Community for a Sustainable World and Vibrant Lives– enjoy!

Cute Keychains.
Me gusta ice tea!


Karma & Soul:



Community for a Sustainable World:



Vibrant Lives:







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