Gopubikk had the opportunity to take part in the VANSWIM fashion show held at Celebrities Underground. I had a phenomenal time and I got to play dress up!

Below are a few pictures and details of my outfit – enjoy! ❤ 



For VANSWIMFS16 I decided to go with a simple all black dress from Aritzia. Simple yet “sexy” as the dress is revealing in the back with an open low back – displaying my back tattoos!



For the night I decided to finally bring out my Michael Kor babies for the first time. I wanted a comfy yet high pair of heels that will last me through the night without causing any aching on my feet. These beauties sure did that!


For the show it was important for me to take a bag that will hold all my esstenials needed for the night. Of course the bag needed to suit the overall outfit as well. So for VANSWIMFS16 I decided to take my Kate Spade black bag with a tint of gold. Simple but chic! The bag managed to carry my tickets, my phone, makeup (for the touch-ups), camera, and most importantly my notebook! The great thing about this Kate Spade bag is that I can have it over my shoulder as it has a long strap or I can put them away and carry it by its handles.

Over the chair you will see my black Dynamite jacket (black – of course!). This jacket is great as it is short with no buttons and very easy to carry around.


There you have it! Outfit of the night fot VANSWIMFS16.

Check out the hashtag #VANSWIMFS16 for some sweet photos on Instagram. Lastly, be sure to take a visit @gopublikk on Instagram as we have some sweet behind the scene and fashion show footage. Stay tuned for another blog on the Founder of IslandGal Boutique.

Much Love, Kleyra – @GOPUBLIKK


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Kleyra Gonzalez x 23. x Vancouver, BC. Welcome to Gopublikk. A safe space where I gopublikk with all my work and thoughts. I am an ambitious young women who is passionate about Health & Wellness, Community, and everything PR. On this page you will find me sharing about my fitness journey, designs, relationships I have built, anything PR related, my community involvment and upcoming projects. Thanks for stopping by! xoKleyra

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