#VFW Opening Gala

Walking into last nights show we immediately got a great sense of the ambiance and how the night and week was going to play out; also knowing that the show began at sunset for the opening gala – we knew we were in for a long, stellar night. 

Before and after entering the building you have three photographers constantly taking pictures of everyone – let alone the amount of photographers in the media pit and on the runway. If we may add, it’s quite overwhelming, yet fascinating how you just walk in and suddenly your picture is being taken right away without being asked. Although, we were charmed by the whole idea of having photographers pursue us to get photographs, what really caught our eye was the bold detail and contrast colours that stood out in the sea of black and white colours. You could really get a good grasp of the look they were going for and their sense of style overall. In fact, we snapped a photo with three men who stood out from the crowd miles away because of their outfits. They were superb and such fashionistas – you couldn’t miss them. I mean one out of the three wore this coloured black, long (somewhat furry) coat which befits a funerary and nocturnal animal; the aesthetic quality made the piece luxurious and eye catching – even though he wore black like several others. 

Moving away from the people and focusing on the set up, you can feel yourself indulging in sweets and alcohol. As mentioned earlier, the mood was set. The bright lights beaming on the white runway, the designers sitting front row, and of course, the media pit located right at the very front of the runway. You can hear the constant clicking of each camera going off and you can see the sweat and steam coming off of each individual. It was hot inside. The place was filled with growing, creative artists – Vancouver Fashion Week is changing and offering opportunities for starters and new comers. The turn out was amazing and you couldn’t find a place to sit. 

Now shying away from what was seen on the runway, we were able to meet and connect with tons of models, designers, entrepreneurs, stylists, fashion marketers and more backstage. Talking to them for a short amount of time helped us get a solid insight behind the scenes of Vanfashion week. Experiencing the rush and chaos that is occurring behind closed curtains was unreal. Designers and volunteers do a phenomenal job creating a unforgettable show for the people attending by having the models ready and not losing momentum. It was amazing to witness and be a part of that craziness for the opening Gala. We loved the rush and adrenaline we felt moving from one place to another with our photographers. Thanks to the two of them we captured amazing shots from last night. 

All in all, the show was spectacular and you can tell the people enjoyed the show. To have people flying in from different parts of the world and connect with the community in Vancouver made the event that much better. They all sat, smiled and nodded while tapping their fancy shoes to the rapid rhythm playing from the speakers. With that said, we must say, the way buoyant motion/flow of the models walking down the aisle; along with the clothing they were modelling filled us with an exquisite, quivering joy. 




Below are some photos from the opening Gala (all photos taken by Patrick Kendell Shaw). 

 – Gopublikk 

Written by: Kelly Gonzalez 


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Kleyra Gonzalez x 23. x Vancouver, BC. Welcome to Gopublikk. A safe space where I gopublikk with all my work and thoughts. I am an ambitious young women who is passionate about Health & Wellness, Community, and everything PR. On this page you will find me sharing about my fitness journey, designs, relationships I have built, anything PR related, my community involvment and upcoming projects. Thanks for stopping by! xoKleyra

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