#VFW Opening Gala

Walking into last nights show we immediately got a great sense of the ambiance and how the night and week was going to play out; also knowing that the show began at sunset for the opening gala – we knew we were in for a long, stellar night. 

Before and after entering the building you have three photographers constantly taking pictures of everyone – let alone the amount of photographers in the media pit and on the runway. If we may add, it’s quite overwhelming, yet fascinating how you just walk in and suddenly your picture is being taken right away without being asked. Although, we were charmed by the whole idea of having photographers pursue us to get photographs, what really caught our eye was the bold detail and contrast colours that stood out in the sea of black and white colours. You could really get a good grasp of the look they were going for and their sense of style overall. In fact, we snapped a photo with three men who stood out from the crowd miles away because of their outfits. They were superb and such fashionistas – you couldn’t miss them. I mean one out of the three wore this coloured black, long (somewhat furry) coat which befits a funerary and nocturnal animal; the aesthetic quality made the piece luxurious and eye catching – even though he wore black like several others. 

Moving away from the people and focusing on the set up, you can feel yourself indulging in sweets and alcohol. As mentioned earlier, the mood was set. The bright lights beaming on the white runway, the designers sitting front row, and of course, the media pit located right at the very front of the runway. You can hear the constant clicking of each camera going off and you can see the sweat and steam coming off of each individual. It was hot inside. The place was filled with growing, creative artists – Vancouver Fashion Week is changing and offering opportunities for starters and new comers. The turn out was amazing and you couldn’t find a place to sit. 

Now shying away from what was seen on the runway, we were able to meet and connect with tons of models, designers, entrepreneurs, stylists, fashion marketers and more backstage. Talking to them for a short amount of time helped us get a solid insight behind the scenes of Vanfashion week. Experiencing the rush and chaos that is occurring behind closed curtains was unreal. Designers and volunteers do a phenomenal job creating a unforgettable show for the people attending by having the models ready and not losing momentum. It was amazing to witness and be a part of that craziness for the opening Gala. We loved the rush and adrenaline we felt moving from one place to another with our photographers. Thanks to the two of them we captured amazing shots from last night. 

All in all, the show was spectacular and you can tell the people enjoyed the show. To have people flying in from different parts of the world and connect with the community in Vancouver made the event that much better. They all sat, smiled and nodded while tapping their fancy shoes to the rapid rhythm playing from the speakers. With that said, we must say, the way buoyant motion/flow of the models walking down the aisle; along with the clothing they were modelling filled us with an exquisite, quivering joy. 




Below are some photos from the opening Gala (all photos taken by Patrick Kendell Shaw). 

 – Gopublikk 

Written by: Kelly Gonzalez 


Daily Arbonne Intake

I’m sure you’ve seen our posts on Arbonne and so we wanted to share with you all our everyday essentials with some of the products we use.

To begin, we will start off with our daily Arbonne Protein shake. It comes in 2 flavours, vanilla and chocolate. We take this every day to start off our morning with high protein. We also like to make a shake before or after a workout. You can add banana and other fruits with it!

After breakfast, around noon time if not after noon time, we take an Energy Fizz stick. Our days start around 3:30am or 6:30am-7am, and for that reason we take this to give us a bit of kick to continue our day. With that in mind, this isn’t something you have to take daily; we just do it because of our early mornings to start work, school, homework, and house work; as you can see, we have long days. Aside from that, we take our energy fizz because also tastes yummy. It comes in two flavours and my personal favourite is pomegranate! Most of us don’t like taking things that leave us with a bad taste in out mouth, and trust us when we say this wont!


Moving forward, we use our awesome tasteless Fibre Boost! We use this when prepping dinner.

Have you ever loved anything tasteless? If not, try this. This allows you to add and mix it with anything while providing you with 12 grams of fibre. You can read more below.

Lastly, we drink Arbonnes Herbals tea. We drink one cup at least once a day. We give this to our mom as well – she loves it! It makes us feel cleansed, relax and good. Usually at night is always nice to have, as well as mid day. You can take it whenever, really.


….AND that’s a wrap!

Below is a picture on how you can use everything together – excluding the herbal tea, but including the Greens Balance. We do take the Green Balance, but not on a daily basis – not because we don’t like it. It is just as important to have your greens daily, but we simply do it by assuring we eat our greens. So we take it when we don’t eat enough throughout our day.


For more questions or information, you can go to our GoArbonne page or email us!


From us to you,


















Written by Kelly Gonzalez





Monday Vibes: Jug Island

Happy Monday Readers!

Today’s vibe consisted of clearing any concerns I had within my self and get some motherly advice. Exploring Jug Island is a place I wanted to knock off my “nature list”. This cute little island is  across from the rocky, not so sandy beach. Although our feet hurt a tad bit we took various of pictures, talked, had lunch at the beach, and went for a swim. The water was salty as we both tasted it once we jumped in. It was hilarious as we both got frightened by the small fish in the water – too many fish scary movies, ha. My mother  motivates me to succeed and her advice is always wise, sincere, and genuine.

I love you mom, thanks for helping me clear today.





Monday Vibes: Las Vegas – EDC vibes.

Breezy air, sunshine, nature feels, boy does it feel great to be back in Vancouver. Las Vegas is ridiculously hot – very dry, no fresh air, it really is a desert out there. As a first timer in Vegas I did not get as wild as people usually do when making their first trip out there. This trip was kept simple with a tad bit of spice – literally. I had enjoyed some tacos that made my mouth go on fire! American food never seems to fail me.

Anyways,  let’s move forward to the most exciting life time experience in Las Vegas. That being my night at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC). I must say I totally underestimated the whole EDM scene – guilty. Yes a lot of girls dress outrageously and the men are shirtless with crazy candies (bracelets) all over their arms, but it is so fun! I couldn’t dress as crazy as some of the ladies I seen but I realized what a community this EDM scene is – no judging. The vibes, the people, the energy, the dancing, the whole atmosphere was through the roof! The love for music, bass, colours, lights and all the emotions that were running was unbelievable. I was quite overwhelmed with the whole scene. Attending this event gave me a better understanding and provided me a whole different perspective on these EDM events. Let’s be honest, I  may attend a few more festivals. I’m not going to keep it PG here, of course there are people “smoking up”, “popping” and perhaps consuming a whole bunch of other silly junk. But hey, who says you have to do all of these things to enjoy your night? My boyfriend and I enjoyed a couple of drinks and we wer both well on our way.

So what was my favourite performance you wonder? The Chain Smokers: Don’t let me down. The people that were around me were beyond excited about this song and I sure was too! This song makes you feel some particular way. I won’t forget dancing my night away with this particular man beside me in his rainbow flag around his neck marked “peace”. The girl to my right was singing and dancing that at the end of the song she cried. The impact this song had on people was amazing and witnessing all the emotions made me feel over joyed. EDC is a night I will never forget. Words couldn’t express what an amazing experience EDC was.πŸ’₯β˜€οΈ

Monday Vibes: Elk Mountain








It was a windy, rainy, cold day in Vancouver, as per usual. Here in Vancouver, BC they don’t just call us “raincouver” for no reason, the weather is always unexpected – that is why you have to be prepared!

Nonetheless, I am always ready to go for a hike up a mountain on my days off – rain or shine. Nothing beats great company, great food, and a couple of slippery falls on the way up and down. Exploring other areas and the views is breath taking and refreshing! However, the most rewarding part about these adventures is the bonding time between my sister, my friend’s and I. Nothing beats our laughs, the stories, the pictures and everything Β in-between. Creating memories to look back on and pushing each other to take every step to reach the top is by far the most rewarding feeling. So much is accomplished in just a couple of hours.





Monday Vibes: CravingsΒ 

After being sick in bed for 5 days with a high fever of over 37.7 and an eye infection on my right eye I was able to enjoy the sun today!

Over the past few days I have had some SERIOUS ice cream cravings; not just any ice cream, bubble gum specifically. I also knew I wanted to enjoy my ice creamΒ while walking by the beach. So on my last day off, that’s what I did!
Although I am not at my 100% and still have a light cough I still insisted to go out as I was feeling much better and was so tired of laying in bed. I started my morning by getting ready and putting on a girly blue dress from Wet Seal. Since I can’t really wear makeup yet due to my eye infection I decided to use an oversized sun hat today from Los Angeles. Sneaky me got into my sister’s closet for this sun hat (that’s what sister’s are for, right?). I was so excited to go out today that I used my Disney authentic bag by Dooney & Bourke and my new kid’s Michael Kor Sandals (size 3). Perks of being small!

White Rock Beach was the perfect place for today’s date with my handsome loving boyfriend. We filled our tummies with chicken strips, fish and chips and topped it off with a cold beer and a Bellini for myself. Yes, can you believe I got a fruity drink? You bet I took a sip or two of his beer, ha ha.


I am extremely satisfied with my ice cream craving and my date today with my loved one. I am ready to get my bumm back in the office tomorrow.