Passion + Love goes a long way

Aside from all the questions we get asked, their are two that always come up. That is,  “why do [we] work and go to school full time?” and “how do [we] manage to do so much with such little sleep?” Our answer to this is very simple. We love and enjoy everything that we do. We have goals and aspirations that drives us to take things further and look beyond the horizon. As much as we don’t like doing homework, we love what we learn. As much as we like our sleep more than our work, we love our jobs. We’re used to working extra hard and putting in extra hours so we have the option to get the things that we want and more. To achieve greatness and become unstoppable is the goal here. So we shoot for the stars and expect results later and not right away. This way we are forced to always be on our A game and surprised when we do see our results and achievements instantly. And who doesn’t like surprises? The excitement you feel when you get the unexpected is like the one you get from a sudden standing ovation. Best.feeling.ever. 

Now to answer the question “Why do we work and go to school full time?” Well for the most part we do it because we want to and we enjoy it. We also like to think and do things outside of the average circle of people. Keep in mind when we say average, we’re referring to what we’ve read and heard from others; that is we live in a world where their are three different types of people. Each which choose to make decisions and live their life differently. The most common type we hear about is those who settle for mediocrity. We hear more about these kind of individuals because its “easy” to seperate and distinguish them from others. Mediocre people tend to end up settling for whatever and not max their potential. For this reason, we strive to be above average. We also say it’s doable because of the support system that we have. Although we may be pushing it, we go out with our friends and family, and we make room for some alone time. At the end of the day it’s all worth it. Going back to hitting the books and working full time, we want to put an emphasis on the fact that we don’t always find it being dreadful. Perspective is everything – that’s why we take on a lot of things that we have passion for.  We are students who pay for our own education, we want to be able to afford a place and move out, we also need to pay our bills, we invest in our business, we’re growing our business, AND we want to travel. These are some of the reasons why we are motivated to do both. We’re determined to get things done, but to us it’s not how fast we get it done – more so how we get it done. We bring what we learn into our work to gain experience and to extend our knowledge. We bring our work to school because it’s fun and it’s related to what we’re learning. What’s even more fun is we have passion for what our end goal and to say we’re excited is an understatement. Ultimately, we do both because although we walk around tired and sometimes drained, we are happy and enjoy every minute of it. Gaining experience while developing our minds and skills at the same time? Yeah, we’re all for that. 

Moving to the next question, “How do we manage to do so much with such little sleep?” Well the answer to this isn’t too different from the one we answered above. Aside from taking our Arbonne energy boost, drinking coffee and tea, power naps and gym sessions for energy boost – it all comes down to the passion and love that goes behind everything we do. If we didn’t wake up loving our jobs we wouldn’t be working as hard. Sleep is important (hence, the naps), but we learn to function under short hours of sleep because sometimes waking up extra early or sleeping late to finish a project will get you one step closer to your end goal. Being able to motivate yourself is one thing to learn, but we find that sometimes what motivates you isn’t always enough. Motivating factors vary and sometimes don’t go a long way. For example, money. That’s a common one we hear and we witnessed first hand that, that only goes so far. On the contrary, if you do something you’re passionate about and wake up to something you love, it will make a difference. Try it and tell us if you wouldn’t sacrifice a little sleep for it?

We are are willing to compromise and make sacrifices for the things we love (and same goes for the people we love). So that is why we are more than okay to do all this work and function under such little sleep. This is also why we are careful when choosing when to collaborate and in choosing with who we want to partner with. We only ever want to give our best and our fullest attention. We work with those that we feel resonates us and our business. 

So we don’t kid when we say passion and love goes a long way for us. 
– Gopublikk 

Written by Kelly Gonzalez 



It’s a new year and we are excited!

Thinking about everything that we did in 2016…well naturally because we’re both woman who are emotional and busy, I think of the word “Panic.”Because of the amount of work projects we’ve been a part of, it has been one hectic year for us. Despite the success we’ve obtained and the goals we’ve achieved, our road to get there was difficult- but not impossible. Before we get started on how we felt this year, we want to say that we are happy and thankful for all the people we connected and partnered with. Throughout our journey, some of these people have motivated us even more to make movements that empower others, but mainly one another. Not only have we grown individually, but together as business partners we have stepped it up and also grown immensely. We embarked on a new approach for our business and really turned something from good to great.

Now with 2017 here, Kleyra and I are looking for nothing but the same thing – if not more. We stand by one another, we help and support one another, and we also challenge one another. We believe and hold ourselves accountable to a lot of things. Before Kleyra and I started Gopublikk we knew that going into it we had to prepare ourselves mentally; tell ourselves that anything is possible and that patience is a virtue. With those two things in mind, we both became capable of maintaining the same level of intensity and commitment to make things happen – even when it gets tough. Lets face it, overcoming adversity isn’t easy.

2016 was rough because we definitely were fighting against time. We realized that we needed to get so much done in less time. This was our fault. Being able to execute things accordingly resulted in sleepless nights, lots of shakes to replace meals, and long nights of scheduling. For this reason, we found ourselves trusting our instinct more then usual to get things done. Their had been many moments where we were just sitting at our dinner table contemplating how things were going to be completed with so many ideas and things in mind. With all things considered, we started feeling anxiety and feeling stressed because we both would get overwhelmed with our homework, other jobs, and our home life. Our life isn’t balanced. We can try and say we divide our time equally, but realistically we just know that as long as we make time for the things we want and the people we love; we’re more than okay. By making room and setting this as a priority for the two of us, it helped make things a lot easier and bareable. Love and support goes a long way. Anyway, last year we gathered our thoughts and process during the year and this year we did it before it started – we’re already on a roll!

Get ready for us Vancouver!


























Written by Kelly G.








Hello April


Jordan retro 4: Columbia 4’s

My favourite month is here,

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

This year, April has presented some fun, exciting, new things my way and I cannot wait to share it with you readers.The following is the list of things that will be happening this month:

  • School is out! – April 7th is my last day! FREEDOM (almost there!)
  • Flag604 – joined a flag football team to up some cardio! On the plus side I get to do it with my boyfriend, little brother and cousin!
  • Full-time overnight shifts. -I will be moving from day time to overnight as a lemon educator handling international calls, live chats and emails!
  • 30 day challenge – This month I will be doing a 30 day yoga class challenge.I am going to be taking at least one yoga class everyday on top of my daily gym workouts.
  • Ovarian Cancer Canada – opportunities are arising and I will be joining this Canadian charity. I look forward to build new skills and be on such an amazing team. I cannot wait to contribute to this charity.
  •  Vacation? – I am a queen of doing spontaneous trips. I don’t know when, or where but let me tell you gang, this gal is exploring a new place this year!
  • I’m feeling 22! – My twinsie and I are turning 22 this month!

As you can see this month has a lot of exciting life happenings – stay tuned as I will be writing about each and everyone of these. Lastly, the sun is shining here in Vancouver, BC which means hiking season is here and I can officially wear my favourite sneakers – retro jordans! (side note: I collect jordan retros).

Stay Tuned.



B a l a n c e

Growing up I was always on the go and finding balance between school, work and other extracurricular activities was something I learned to do over the years. It isn’t easy finding time to do all the things you love to do. There were many times where I found myself not making time for the things I enjoy doing, the things that keep me sane. Till this day I still find myself learning to create a balance in my life amongst all the things I enjoy doing and of course my obligations, such as work and school. As you readers may know, I am a full-time student, full-time lemon (lululemon employee) and a full-time girlfriend, friend, and daughter. I am small gal living in a big city who thoroughly enjoys living a healthy active lifestyle.

klers agenda.


The key to balancing my schedule is actually writing out a schedule for myself. I live off of my agenda – it’s my life! Seriously, my agenda is something I carry with me everywhere. My work schedule, upcoming events, homework, gym-time, outdoor activities, anything you can think of is all in my agenda. Of course there are times where I do not follow what is in my agenda as extra time may be needed for other activities. It is important for me to note that it is okay if you miss something on your to do list. This was something I use to struggle on as I would build stress for missing a workout or missing an event or cancelling on people, my biggest pet peeve was missing my workout of the day. That being said, learn to give yourself time – time for you to be selfish and think about the things you want to think about and do things for literally JUST YOU and no one else. What I like to do for myself is sweat at a hot yoga class. Hot yoga was something I picked up not to long ago and it is something I enjoy very much! Not only do I meditate but the energy I leave with after the class is so positive that it takes away all the negative energy and I leave feeling beyond amazing, proud, accomplished and successful.

Before the week even gets started I tend to have an idea of what my week will look like and if I will have time for everything. I provide myself a realistic week so I do not feel disappointed in myself. I find most people, just like how I use to be are not realistic. Yes, you can do everything – but you do not always have the time for everything. Being realistic to yourself will provide you a balance of mental steadiness and emotional stability.

I have created a balance in my life and I am happy with the balance I learned to create. I am not only filled with happiness and positivity but I am also enjoying everything I do – I am living my life, which is what is important.

“Always find time for the things that make YOU feel happy to be alive.”




The Process

Brainstorming was something I never enjoyed doing, until this semester. I felt once I had an idea why do I need to explore more? I constantly refused to explore further ideas since I was so set on my first one I didn’t ever see the point. In fact, I always thought to my self “what a waste of time.”

It wasn’t until this semester my professor for one of my classes really insisted we brainstorm and right down every single idea that comes to our head. We had a set class to literally brainstorm and explore and think above and beyond.  There is no limit so why are we limiting our selves? She always mentioned that so much can come out of our first idea-heck, something greater can be created. My professor is extremely passionate about this and has our class always doing constant workshops that will encourage us to develop ideas and be limitless.


In class we talk about the process, that being our brainstorming ideas, sticky notes, writing how we feel, researching, inspirations, colour, and images, this my friends is what the process is all about. It is a journal that consists all my thoughts and changes throughout my journey of developing my final project. Indeed, it is a journey. We collect our ideas and build off of what we initially started with.  I learned to love this process as it really did lead me to the greatest final projects. I enjoy writing sticky notes, exploring how I feel, receiving feedback and changing  my ideas (I know, I ENJOY it!).

Learn to love the process.


Perfect Practice

Speaking in front of a class room or any big crowd has always been something I felt I was good at. I  never feared being in front of a big audience and I think it’s because of my dance background. For many years I was always performing on stage and it had become something I really enjoyed doing and looked forward too.

Although I find it natural for me to present in front of an audience I still have some things to work on to become a better presenter. I have this one class that specifically focuses on visual presentation and how to execute a message and design a slideshow for the audience that is not distracting and is effective.

While rehearsing for my first presentation I kept practicing over and over and over until the night was no longer young. I then realized I can rehearse as many times as I would like to myself, but this does not make me a better presenter. Rehearsing to myself does not allow me to distinguish my mistakes. It was until I actually researched in google “ways to become a better presenter.” I found myself coming across a quote by Vince Lombardi:

“Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect”

– Vince Lombardi

So what does this mean? A perfect practice to me is a place where I will be criticized and be told what I can improve on. A perfect practice is not rehearsing with myself but rehearsing in front of an audience, big or small. I can practice as many times as I wanted on my own, but an effective practice is one that allows me to become better as improvements are discovered.

Last week I had a perfect practice in the classroom (presentation  day).

Below is a photo of myself presenting to my classmates on a Marketing Firm, Marwick Internet Marketing – a digital marketing agency.


Perfect practice

What does ‘perfect practice’ mean to you?

Feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.