Daily Arbonne Intake

I’m sure you’ve seen our posts on Arbonne and so we wanted to share with you all our everyday essentials with some of the products we use.

To begin, we will start off with our daily Arbonne Protein shake. It comes in 2 flavours, vanilla and chocolate. We take this every day to start off our morning with high protein. We also like to make a shake before or after a workout. You can add banana and other fruits with it!

After breakfast, around noon time if not after noon time, we take an Energy Fizz stick. Our days start around 3:30am or 6:30am-7am, and for that reason we take this to give us a bit of kick to continue our day. With that in mind, this isn’t something you have to take daily; we just do it because of our early mornings to start work, school, homework, and house work; as you can see, we have long days. Aside from that, we take our energy fizz because also tastes yummy. It comes in two flavours and my personal favourite is pomegranate! Most of us don’t like taking things that leave us with a bad taste in out mouth, and trust us when we say this wont!


Moving forward, we use our awesome tasteless Fibre Boost! We use this when prepping dinner.

Have you ever loved anything tasteless? If not, try this. This allows you to add and mix it with anything while providing you with 12 grams of fibre. You can read more below.

Lastly, we drink Arbonnes Herbals tea. We drink one cup at least once a day. We give this to our mom as well – she loves it! It makes us feel cleansed, relax and good. Usually at night is always nice to have, as well as mid day. You can take it whenever, really.


….AND that’s a wrap!

Below is a picture on how you can use everything together – excluding the herbal tea, but including the Greens Balance. We do take the Green Balance, but not on a daily basis – not because we don’t like it. It is just as important to have your greens daily, but we simply do it by assuring we eat our greens. So we take it when we don’t eat enough throughout our day.


For more questions or information, you can go to our GoArbonne page or email us!


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Written by Kelly Gonzalez






Arbonne Samples.


” Me And My A r b o n n e.” 

A little over a month ago my Arbonne samples came in the mail and I received the following products:

FC5 Samples which contain kiwi, strawberry, carrot and mango extract. Since the products are concentrated and no fillers are used these gems lasted me a while. I decided to apply the products on days I was using heavier makeup to see how my face feels and reacts to them.

Makeup Primer (far right): I don’t usually apply primer so this product was new to me.  I applied the primer after using my day time cream. The combination of the two is an amazing feel on my skin. My face felt very smooth and the products did not feel heavy at all – which I love! Sidenote: this primer contains green tea leaf extract and grape-seed extract.

I was also provided a Energy fizz stick to add to my water. I was super excited to test this product out as some lemons (coworkers) have purchased these products themselves. The fizz stick is a botanical blend of green tea extract, b vitamins etc that provides a healthy energy and focus. This energy fizz stick is suppose to  help metabolize fats and proteins. The taste was phenomenal and I actually felt a nice uplift from the drink. I recommend the fizz sticks if you are looking for a bit more energy and vitamins in your system.

My favourite product was the Mascara! “It’s a Long Story Mascara,” sure does last a long night without leaving any clumps or feeling heavy on your lashes. This mascara made my eye lashes look extra long with a nice bold look – oh, and it’s water-resistant! What’s not to love!

Overall, my samples had me excited about Arbonne that I decided to test out their foundation and concealer. I just ordered these babies and I am so excited to apply these on my skin.