Look no further. 

Every parent wants the best for their children. When you hear about top athletes making it to the professional level every year or getting scholarships after their grad year because of their talent- a parent dreams and hopes for that. It's hard not to hope your own kid can also excel in a sport at … Continue reading Look no further. 



STARTING WITH EMSSENTIALS. EMSSENTIALS is an organization that focuses on athletic development and community building, founded by Emerson Jay Murray. He is a certified trainer through ISSA and has had the privilege of working under several mentors in the athlete development community. Not only does Emerson love helping athletes, but he has found another way … Continue reading EMSSENTIALS Goes Publikk

Monday Vibes: Jug Island

Happy Monday Readers! Today's vibe consisted of clearing any concerns I had within my self and get some motherly advice. Exploring Jug Island is a place I wanted to knock off my "nature list". This cute little island is  across from the rocky, not so sandy beach. Although our feet hurt a tad bit we … Continue reading Monday Vibes: Jug Island