Kelly goes publikk: Self Love + Self Confidence

"Our ability to dream is greatly impacted by our self confidence." - #IDARETODREAM  I decided to write this blog in bold writing because this topic about self love and self confidence to me is very strong, impactful, and valiant.  Sharing about my experience and journey on how to learn to love myself again was hard … Continue reading Kelly goes publikk: Self Love + Self Confidence


Vancouver Dares to Dream.

Hello Vancouver! I hope you're getting ready to pick out your favourite party dress, have your man or friends prep their power suit and shine those shoes because the @Dare to Dream SoirΓ©e is on its way! As mentioned in our other blog post, it will be hosted at the stylish and newly renovated state-of-the-art … Continue reading Vancouver Dares to Dream.


Alright everyone, you can expect to find us at the Dare to Dream SOIREE event on Tuesday, November 22nd at the uniquely stylish state of the art theatre, Imperial Vancouver! Genicca Dot Com partners with RAW Beauty Talks and the "Free to Be" program, to help youth develop and cultivate an authentic identity - one … Continue reading #GIVINGBACKISSEXY