"It's a twin thing" - gopublikk In early March we were approached to take part of an inspiring project, CommYOUnityYVR. The last couple of days you have seen us mention this event in our social media channels - we're super excited and touched to have been asked to take part in such an inspiring project. The … Continue reading CommYOUnityYVR


The Province Blog: VFW 2017

Get some insight on the blog posts Kleyra wrote for The ProvinceΒ . Vancouver Fashion Week’s Fall Winter 2017 Launches Vancouver Fashion Week Day 2 Vancouver Fashion Week kicks off ... Brazilian designer Atelier Valeria Costa...

Daily Arbonne Intake

I'm sure you've seen our posts on Arbonne and so we wanted to share with you all our everyday essentials with some of the products we use. To begin, we will start off with our daily Arbonne Protein shake. It comes in 2 flavours, vanilla and chocolate. We take this every day to start off … Continue reading Daily Arbonne Intake